TIP 1:

When you arrive at the all important couples wedding and you see that beautiful elegant  shot of the couple kissing, it is always a good idea to take those unmissable pictures after taking that lens cap off.

TIP 2:

We all know we can multitask with a number of things in our lives, but it is not advised to attend a wedding photoshoot while holding an infant in one hand, this would create not ideal working conditions, with complications when taking photographs.

TIP 3:

Your bride and groom stand for that perfect shot in front  of the church, with the warm heat of the sun on your face and the sweat dripping down your head, you would think for a moment or two that your on holiday in Barbados, with the sound of he sea birds chirping… And then the when the realisation kicks in, in your editing studio looking back on those amazing moments you realise your subjects went from bride and groom to star of sunlight with an over exposed picture, a nightmare for all wedding photographers.

TIP 4:

Batteries, yes my final tip, make sure when you buy your chosen SLR that batteries are included with your purchase, in addition the worst thing you can have is on an event a Canon camera with Nikon batteries, a catastrophe from the word go.


You have prepared for months for this blessing of a wedding day… Cameras check… Battery’s check… Tripod check… You then put in that postcode to your wedding destination and realise it’s in the lake Distract. To your shock and horror you look at the time and it starts in an hour from now. It’s ideal to always check your venue before planning anything else.