Composition The Beginning

Music for the souls…

Generic off the shelf music can be Mundane and synthetic, with a traditional structure with no characteristics, this summarises commercial music. We can get caught up in this mentality surimi ding the perfect structure, perfect sound, and forget that music is about emotion and feeling, which is why it was created in the first place.

Below we describe the five best ways bring character, with feeling and emotion to your music production without loosing your soul in the process.

Tip 1:

Feel what you do, channelling your feelings into music is a great way to be creative and be a true artist of sound. Take your experiences and life teaching and put them into your sound, layer those feelings effectively, imaging the sounds as colours for your empty canvas.

Tip 2

Instruments and sound manipulation is in important for what you aim to achieve with your music, take your time to explore the libraries of sounds you have, before starting your composition, it can get overwhelming with all the instruments and sound banks you have but to get to know your library’s first, you will get a great appreciation for the music once you start composing and writing.

Tip 3

It can be really easy to get caught up on the end result what you want to Achieve, which leads you to loosing track on why you started writing in the first place, clear your mind of stress and trying to finish something, and just let your creativity take control of your actions, you will be shocked what you will compose if you let your mind go.

Creating and composing music is an amazing art, enjoy what you do.

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