Who still buys music ? Part 1

The nostalgia of going to your local music store (Memories of our past hero stores such as Our Price, HMV, Woolworths) to buy the latest releases, with the luxury of having your own listening bay was a beautiful memory, which has long been forgotten, with the ability to now stream music to your smart devices and purchase digital music online, the question is asked who still buys physical digital media?

In the late 90’s we saw a rise in compact disc sales from teenagers with the latest boy bands to DJ’s looking to gain a higher collection of material for there sets, the ability to listen to music at true 44.1kh with no compression was a lovely privilege, how did the public get so indifferent to quality, is it true that quantity of quality is really how we live today ?

The ability to download a song from iTunes at 128kbit makes it easier to purchase more at a higher volume of sales, but are you buying quality? Burning a CD (Compact Disc) with this file would leave your audio experience unpleasant, especially on top sound systems boosting great sound performance. So we have compensated for quantity over quality.

The question stands still are CD’s still in demand ? Do they still have a place in the world? Will there ever be a return to good quality audio at an affordable price ?