Reason 1

convenience and practicality is key in the fast paced world we live in today and what better way to capture that moment is with your mobile camera, with camera specific soon reaching 22mp and shooting in raw with a fixed lens, this makes a great solution for someone looking capture on the go footage without the need of caring around a top end SLR.

Reason 2

It doubles up as a tool to share to the world instantly, the days where you would have to take a picture save to your computer and then compose an email has gone with great tools like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter you can broadcast your best and greatest images online instantly.

Reason 3

Shoot… Retake… Shoot… Retake… This another great reason, the ability to create an instant selfie and make sure it is the correct result you would want, is made easy with being able to preview what your taking a picture of with a screen as a view finder… Genius!!!

Reason 4

Printing has never been easier, done are the days where you had to finish a role of 40 film photographic roles, and now you can take unlimited amount of images and print as many as you like with the help of air printing and wifi access, this is a great way of sharing your images with family members which are more traditional.

Reason 5

Creating photo albums digitally or a photo book has also become so easy, with so many third party providers such Vista Print, Moon Pig, Lidls, providing you with useful applications to create your unique photo book, with the access of publishing instantly from your smart phone or your laptop, done are the days where you would have to physically print every image of your choice, and stick them into your own book which you would also have to go out and buy.

Thank you for reading and hope these useful or useless facts come in handy to you.

Which is your preferred DSLR?

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