Access to mobile phone photography has become so easy, the next step is creating that ultimate selfie which not only is well composed but well timed. We have created five steps on making sure you create the best result from your mobile phone without loosing quality or timing.

Tip 1

Make sure that your location is correct, its all good and well you have David Beckham approval to have selfie with him, what better way to impress him to make sure you are in the right area for the photo, all take into your account your surroundings, always best to avoid taking that selfie with light either sunlight or synthetic light from behind you and make sure its on you not towards the lens.

Tip 2

there are so many image stabilisation camera’s around these days which prevent cameras from creating those dreaded blur pictures, but sometimes they just can not be prevented, so take precautions and invest in a selfie stick which helps add additional stablishation to your photograph.

Tip 3

An obvious one, but make sure you have enough memory on your smart phone, the worst thing you can find is that you have ran out of memory on your device and you go to take that all important photography with Rihanna to find you get that dreaded message “Storage Full” horrible fact of life we ultimately will run out of storage, with the ability to take photographs with more mega pixels the result is you can run out of space faster. (

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