This is a great achievement, to have when your at on a night out and you want to take those most important night photographs at either your friends leaving due or that crazy night club which just open.

The ability to take photographs at night with the help of our all mighty smarts phones is made so easy now a days but what people forgot to do is understand lighting.

Lighting is an essential part of photography and we go through the three steps to making sure you can get the best result with your handset.


Tip 1:

The biggest drama is taking that all important selfie at a club night out with the girls and forgetting to switch on that all important flash icon on your smart device, don’t always trust your eye sight. The day after scenario can also apply to those all important photographs that have been taken with the worst lighting ending up with a pitch black result.

Tip 2

Movement, shake, dancing, are all disaster for taking pictures in low light, and the result can be catastrophic, as bad as the day after headache it’s an awful feeling looking over those amazing pictures taken on the night to seeing reality the next day, as all wise people would say get a dedicated photographer ( much like a dedicated driver) to be able to take those very Important pictures with no blur results.


Tip 3

Oh my god I am on 1%, yes you know we have all been there, spending the entire night on social media making sure all your friends know what your doing at all times, we always neglect to remember that these devices still need juice or to regenerate much like our bodies, they need a charge once and a while, so either bring a wall charger and cable to the club night or better still, in your handbag bring that portable charger, it’s a necessity much like that all important lip gloss 🙂

Bottom line on a night out take proper precautions, bring portable chargers, bring a dedicated friend, and most importantly, switch that flash on!!!