It’s amazing how far we have come in such a short space of time with technology and the way we do things, the days where you would have to use a dial up in order to connect to the net to check your mails is made a thing of the past, with the ability to constantly be connected to the net, we have become so reliant on connection. This has also made an impact on the music industry, with the ability to download new software making old hardware an obsolete. With software plugins such as Native Instruments, East West, Antarestech and other well known plugin manufactures, the younger generation will never know what it was truly like to write synthetic music.


Scenario 1 (Akai loading)

For some the days where that horrible loading screen plagued us of our creative moments, switching on the machine to hear the sound of the machine seeking its boot up disk, this was a frustrating time, if like myself you used the disk for other sound banks, you would need to locate this BOOTUP floppy disk which came with the unit, In order to start your session would be a gloom period.


Scenario 2 (SysEx communication)

Yes the days when you had great orchestral sounds, amazing electronic analogue instruments at your fingertips, but the only way to save your layout was to send a midi signal to your music software, this was a complicated and frustrating process of starting the record on your sequencer and locating the SysEx sending option in your device, this was by far a better way of manually keeping a note of what channel had what, but it was also a very stressful time.

Which dreaded old school music medium did you use ?