Upcoming Shows:

August 9th – The Lucky Pig, W1W 6BB

August 21st – Paradise (7.45pm), W10 4AE

AUGUST 27th – Strongroom (5.45pm) EC2A 3SQ

September 4th – Brentford Festival

September 10th – Ealing Soundbite Festival (1pm)

September 10th – Balstock Festival, Baldock

September 16th – The library (7pm) WC2N 4BD

SEPTEMBER 17th – Acklam Village Market, W10 5TY

SEPTEMBER 25th – Northfields Avenue Busk

October 8th – The Islington (7pm) N1 0XT

OCTOBER 21st – Spice Of Life (7pm) W1D 5NA

October 30th – The Old Queen Head (7pm)

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Website: hudgemusic.com