Artist Development

How We Work

Rhys Lennon: another song written is another story told, as Rhys Lennon is a man with many stories to tell, with an exceptionally good vocal line sublimated with acoustic guitar, sprinkled with string lines, his songs are sure to bring imagination to life with every melody sung:

Soul Nana: a talented choreographer, singer and dancer, Soul Nana provides the best dance choreography for musical styles such as: Krump, Tap, Dub-Step and Hip-Hop. In addition to this vast knowledge he provides the most versatile singing techniques suitable for all urban music, with the ability to provide a story for all aspects of life from fun to love:

Omar Esa: A vocal artist with exceptional diversity, Marshaan has a vast bandwidth of musical styles, aiming to provide talented songwriting story lines and lyrical poetry from the first line to the last:

Gregory Rogers

Deity Chambers: Lights, Camera, Action, that’s just a normal days work for Deity Chambers, glamour, fashion and stage lights are the norm, a great entertainer and singer with a heap of style:

Delia Dragos