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23th September 2016

On this great day we also had the chance to celebrate the grand opening of the Energi Trampoline Park in NewPort, with live Dj’s and great activities for the kids from wall climbing, to swinging aperatise, this was a night full of fun and good vibes. 

23th September 2016

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Amanda’s Action Club, was a remarkable event, full of wonderful entertainment, all kids activities provided by the lady her self, she had a number of singers come to this great venue in Chiswick Town Hall.

29th July 2016

A superb show today at the Wonderland in Milton Keynes “fashionShow MK” with the super fashionable superdiva. With a great line up of models, the lighting and sound was pumping, with a great opening vocalist which got the audience worked up for the event.

The line up of lovely fashion accessories from Superdiva was elegantly presented with class and sex appeal, check out there great collection at:

23rd July 2016

On this scorching summers day in Wembley today we are supporting Dance Aid UK with there Survival of the Fittest 10k Obstacle Course
supporting a good cause.

“This isn’t a straightforward 10k run – it is a colossal obstacle course set in an urban environment, taking in some well-known landmarks. More than 20,000 entrants haul themselves through mud, cross malicious obstacles and scale the infamous 8ft tall “Wall of Fame” to conquer the course… are you going to rise to the challenge in 2016?”


22th July 2016

This years end of term fair at Krishna Avanti Primary School was a beautiful venue, with great hospitality, the family and kids came to life with our green screen setup, taking advantage of there imagination and letting them go free with creativity.

18th July 2016

Its that time of the year again where we see many which have worked so hard over a period of three of four years for their degree finally receive their diploma and attending their graduation, we congratulate each and every one of you on this special time of the year, and hope that bigger and better things will now come your way after this spectacular success. We would like to personally congratulate each and every one of you on this great occasion.

Amanda’s Action Club Extravaganza
at Revolution Beaconsfield

Oakland’s Primary School
SummerFair 2016

A fantastic summer event for the local people of Hanwell, coming together for some great fun. From the Popcorn Factory to candy floss, this was a truly wonderful event.

A Hanwell Cinderalla Story

A kind-hearted Ealing biker has made a teenager’s dream come true by escorting her to her school prom on a Harley-Davidson with motorbike cavalcade. Fifteen-year-old Eliza-Jane Brown from Kennedy Path in W7 was born with Club Foot and spent much of her early childhood in plaster casts and having to undergo various operations. Her father died last year and mum, Amanda, wanted to do something to make her prom night extra special. She put out a plea on the local facebook friends page and Harley fan, Ian Fenemore-Jones,from Pitshanger, came to the rescue. He’s a member of the West London Harley Riders and got a group of his friends to escort Eliza to the party venue at Ealing Common.

Ian says he and his pals were more than happy to help, ” Her mum opened the door with a big smile on her face and her nan was thanking us then Eliza-Jane came out and could see that I had more then one bike and was over the moon. She had her dad’s biker jacket on and asked us to drive round the pubs for her dad who had passed away and then we drove off to the prom. It was nice to see all the people waving and taking photos and when we arrived at the Prom everyone was in shock seeing all the Harley’s with Eliza-Jane on the back of one.”

Amanda says Eliza had a great time and has thanked the community for making it a night to remember:

” The response was just amazing and I can’t tell you how grateful we are that Ian and friends gave up their time to come and take Eliza to her Prom, I haven’t seen my daughter smile like that in a very long time. They have helped to make new memories for us all.”

Queen’s 90th Birthday at the London Goodenough College

Meridian Grand

Luxury and class, red carpet and marble floors, to the highest standard by this amazing venue, a family run business, setting there stamp on luxurious events in North London this venue is truly remarkable and very beautiful, it was a pleasure to have had our green screen at this great establishment, along great entertainment by Zako The Magician, and ice sculpture geniuses….

Truly breathtaking…

Disneyland Paris

Second year in a row, at a truly special location, being welcomed by Micky Mouse himself, the venue situated at the heart of Disneyland Paris, two big rooms full of exceptionally talented dancers, representing not only there country but there family and friends, the environment was specular with a vast amount of talent. A truly wow experience!!!!

Bringing the local community together Francesca Campagnoli from Thames 21 arranged a clean up at the river Brent in Hanwell, helping shift a good amount of used rubbish bags, and other junk which was thrown into this lovely river. This was a great activity to bring the local people together for a great cause. For more information feel free to check out this great organisation.

Houses Of Parliament Christmas Party

The Annual Christmas Party at the Houses Of Commons, a fantastic festive event for kids and adult, with lots of entertainment such as Zako The Magician, Air Castle, all situated within the House.